I Am A Machine Enamel Pin


The "I Am A Machine" Hard Enamel Pin Badge is a premium, durable accessory that can be worn, collected, or displayed. Made of hard-wearing enamel, it is perfect for making a statement and adding personality to any outfit.

Name - I Am A Machine 
Material - Hard wearing and a premium quality enamel 
Size - 3.5x2.68 cm
Designed by - Gusté
Made in - UK


The goal of exciting artworks is to let your curiosity run wild and find a little spark of madness.

Artistic designer adds an eccentric twist here and there to express humor and boldness of the daily life. Gusté's work is influenced by cultures, personalities, and thoughts.
A special fascination comes from contradictions. It gives an electric twist of combining fine craftsmanship with a childlike, expressive and rebellious creative vision.


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