Oddbox x Spotify Experimental Ad Campaign

Odd Fruit And Vegetables Animation
Oddbox Vegetables Outlines Illustration
Oddbox With Disco Lamp


Oddbox helps to rescue odd and surplus fruit & veg directly from the farm and help save the planet.

They rescue delicious, fresh fruit & veg for being ‘too’ odd, ‘too’ big, ‘too’ small, having cosmetic defects, or even being ‘too’ many from the farms and deliver it to your doorstep.


Rebellious Food Club

Each order makes odd and surplus fruits & vegetables meet not in a trash can but at the party - Oddbox.

The ad campaign is targeted towards rebellious youth and young adults - the ones, who can fight today's problems.

Oddbox x Spotify aims to reach a young audience and show a way of saving the food thrown away. Also, highlight the problem itself & spread awareness about food waste.