ID – Gusté.Design

05 Jan 2023
2 min read

Inside the brain-ding of Gusté.Design.

Gusté.Design is on a mission to inspire curiosity and bring fresh ideas to life through powerful designs that have personality.

Led by skilled artistic designer Gusté Vasiliauskaité, Gusté.Design believes that a colorful mind, embodied by qualities such as curiosity, positivity, imagination, honesty, passion, and boldness, is the key to standing out and making a difference in the world.

The beloved mascot, Gugis, serves as a symbol of this philosophy, inspiring individuals to color their identity and reinvent themselves through powerful designs.

The charming mischievousness of Gugis holds a particular appeal to those who are curious, meticulous, and individualistic in nature.

Gusté.Design strives to help curious entrepreneurs bring their big goals to life and make a positive impact by creating meaningful brands with personality.


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