ID – Gusté.Design

05 Jan 2023
2 min read
Inside the brain-ding of Gusté.Design.

Gusté believes that your brand should reflect the uniqueness of your target audience, serving as an extension of their personality and values.

As an independent designer, Gusté specializes in creating personalized and effective brand identities. She infuses your brand with a colorful mindset defined by curiosity, positivity, imagination, honesty, passion, and boldness. Gusté aims to bring your vision to life through designs that capture the unique essence of your target audience.

The beloved mascot, Gugis, symbolizes the philosophy of self-expression and individualism. With its charming mischievousness, Gugis appeals to those who value curiosity, attention to detail, and a distinctive flair.

Gusté understands the psychology behind identity design and how it impacts your brand's success. That's why she works closely with you to create a seamless design experience that reflects your vision and goals.


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